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A little bit about me...

My name is George Sharpe and I was raised in Sleaford. When I left school I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to be in life. I got a job at a furniture warehouse for a few years and I knew that was not what I wanted to do. So after a few conversations with my dad, I contacted Lincoln College to see which courses were available, and I had the choice between brick laying and plumbing. It was a no brainer and got myself enrolled onto the next available college course.

I started at level 2 and went on to complete the NVQ level 3 course. After the 3 years at college I fell on my feet and landed a job at Blankney Estates near Lincoln, where I was an apprentice for 3 years. It was a pretty hectic time in my life as I welcomed my daughter Lacie into the world. Upon completion of my 3 year apprenticeship I was given the official title of Estate Maintenance Plumber. This role carried on for a further 7 years, carrying out general domestic plumbing on a daily basis within the estate.

7 years later, I met my partner Aimee. We eventually bought a house in Bourne and moved in together along with my now step son Ruben. Working at Blankney Estates for all that time, I fancied a change of scenery and interviewed for a job at HomeServe. It seemed the perfect opportunity to get out of a small estate and into the big wide world and use my plumbing maintenance skills on a broader customer base. At HomeServe I was carrying out the so called ‘smaller’ plumbing work. There were no bathroom fittings or boiler installations, it was just general plumbing maintenance work. Repairing taps, toilets, valves, overflows ect…the jobs the other plumbers didn’t really want to do.

5 years down the line and I asked myself “why am I doing all this work for a company and not for myself?”. I did my research and what I found was that there were plenty of plumbers out there, however not many who wanted to take on the so called ‘smaller work’, resulting in some customers feeling awkward or embarrassed to ask a plumber to come and fix their dripping tap. So many people out there just living with there plumbing issues out of embarrassment. So that was the incentive for me. I was going to leave HomeServe, go self employed, and go and focus solely on the plumbing maintenance jobs. It has proved to be a hit. Many people have contacted me saying they have been waiting a long time for a plumbing maintenance engineer to come along.

So that brings us to now. Do you have a dripping tap that’s starting to give you nightmares? Radiator not getting hot? Toilet not flushing properly? Please get in touch to discuss all your plumbing needs. Remember, no job is too small.

I look forward to meeting you.

George Sharpe


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